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High resolution textures of Moon
08.05.2012, 03:34
Moon elevation map (landscape), lossless 16-bit png

High-resolution elevation map for Moon. Replaces default jpeg textures with hi-precision 16-bit lossless png textures. Textures are made on LRO/LOLA data (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter / Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter), surface resolution is up to 333 meters per pixel. Data is a bit raw, there are some noticeable artifacts, and the landscape may not fit with default Moon surface texture in some areas. Since the LRO mission is still in progress, more precise data will be available soon.

Download: (539 MB)

Torrent magnet link


Extract the archive to /textures/planets inside your SpaceEngine folder.

Author: SpaceEngineer

Moon surface textures, lossless png

High-resolution surface textures for Moon. Replaces default jpeg textures with lossless png textures. Textures are based on LRO/WAC data (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter / Wide Angle Camera), surface resolution is up to 167 meters per pixel.

Download: (1.06 GB)



Extract the archive into your SpaceEngine folder.

Authors: John van Vliet and HarbingerDawn
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Category: Addons | Added by: SpaceEngineer
Views: 14004 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 8 | Rating: 5.0/2
Total comments: 8
8 SpaceEngineer   (04.07.2013 08:18)
No, this is impossible. The server have only few Mb of free space.

7 Tenshihan   (06.01.2013 19:06)
SPACE-ENGINEER - Please, can you make room on your own server for these files? None of these Torrent/magnets work, ...can you PLEASE help?

6 sono   (31.10.2012 22:09)
Working fine thanks. torrent program Tixati using google chrome, it automatically opens it with my torrent prog.

5 Mark Tereau   (07.10.2012 04:40)
The magnet link does not work in my browser. Is there another way to download the high-res moon textures?

4 Joseph L.   (15.09.2012 06:25)
Where else can these moon "png" textures be downloaded?

3 Nick   (14.09.2012 19:44)
Magnet is dead.

2 gunnar h   (05.08.2012 21:07)

1 Josedav   (13.07.2012 09:12)
Is there a "Surface map" in Png format for moon or will there be- so we use the present moon surface map now in jpg format?

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