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Funding and Donations

Z963113032080 (USD)

Amount Raised: $14 000 / $15 000

Overall Progress: 93%

Next Goal: $15 000

Goal Progress: 89%

Immediate Goals


Oculus Rift support
Stereoscopic 3D support

$3 000

Nvidia SLI support

$5 000

AMD CrossFireX support

$6 000

Joystick and gamepad support
Full multi-monitor support

$15 000 - Freeware SpaceEngine 1.0 Planetarium

Fund SE development full-time for 12 months
Supporting Oculus Rift, 3D displays, multi-monitor setup
Joystick and gamepad support
Ambient music and sound effects
Expanded catalogs of known astronomical objects (Tycho-2, SDSS, ...)
Deferred shading pipeline
3D water, clouds and rings
Procedural nebula and galaxy models
Particle effects: accretion disks, protoplanetary disks, weather, volcanoes, ship engines exhaust
Enhanced scripting system and visual path editor for creating interactive educational tours

Long-Term Goals

$20 000 - Dome projection support for home planetariums

Spherical mirror projection

$25 000 - Cross platform

Native support for Linux
Native support for Mac OS

$35 000 - Single player space exploration game

Gameplay based on space flight simulation, space exploration, research and building
Realistic spaceflight physics with both hardcore fully manual controls and handy semi-automatic controls
Various spacecraft models
Build ships, space stations, and bases on planets
Collecting data about celestial objects using probes and satellites

$50 000 - Online space exploration game

Module-based ships with a 3D constructor
Players can name planets that they have discovered
Server database for worlds discovered by players
A database search function for finding a planet by certain parameters

$100 000 - MMORPG Sandbox Game

Space combat system with realistic physics
Unlimited capabilities for players: research, building, trading, fighting
Colonizing and terraforming planets, building cities
Destruction of enemy ships, cities, and even entire planets

$150 000 - SpaceEngine SDK

SpaceEngine as a graphics library for third party companies
WYSIWYG editor for all types of objects

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