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279. Giliam de Carpentier [Giliam]   (23.09.2016 20:19)
Visited the site to check up on the progress (and to see if there's some traces to be found of particular noise functions :-) ) and watched the trailer. THAT'S SOME MIGHTY GOOD WORK. Truly beautiful. Keep it up and good luck! Giliam.

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278. Alessandro Toscano [alesstosc]   (20.09.2016 22:30) E-mail
Impressionante! Bellissima simulazione, peccato le segnalazioni di virus nella installazione.

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277. Daniel Sanchez [dan22125]   (15.09.2016 01:29) E-mail
Wonderful game, brilliant

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276. Ciprian Caragaţã [togglethehertzxt]   (18.08.2016 19:49) E-mail
Space Engine made No Man`s Sky it`s xxxxx in my humble opinion, love this simulator really appreciate the effort and detail that went into it, this really deserves to be on Steam. Cheers !

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275. Isaías júnior [gamadh]   (27.07.2016 20:49) E-mail
this game is very good even hope to go away with him , this game will have more updates as intelligent life if possible ? because this game is amazing but it would be pretty cool I see life evolved when exploring , sorry for my english

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274. raph raph [blacky]   (21.07.2016 22:13) E-mail
I stumbled on it a few weeks ago, searching space games... I'l totally stunned by the graphics and informations held within Space Engine.... it's an AMAAAZING work and piece of software!!!!!! The spaceshipes are also gorgeous, even if 'useless', but it's just fun trying to program a voyage from point A to B in that hudge universe!!!! Thnx for that and, KEEP UP THAT WORK!!!!!! IN LOVE - it makes my actual wallpapers too....

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273. Andy Styles [afterburner1987]   (09.07.2016 22:51)
Absolutely blown away by Space Engine. Keep up the great work.

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272. Signor Gohu [Xioneers]   (19.06.2016 14:59) E-mail
This game is so beautiful O_O

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271. Brian Süess [brisueess]   (30.04.2016 13:45)
This Game is so awesome and deserves more donations!

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270. Nathan Bullock [Thomas988]   (06.04.2016 13:55)
Time and time again Space Engine has completely blown me away. The latest version of SE, RC2, is absolutely spectacular, and what SpaceEngineer has planned next is incredibly exciting. Keep up the aamazing work! biggrin

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269. Jenson Zhang [zeeshine]   (22.03.2016 08:46)
Hope you guys get this wonderful game on Windows Store

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268. Carrie Selesnick [cdmorris1971cs]   (13.03.2016 19:44)
The smartest person is Caitlin Upton

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267. Attila Tanyi [ATI3986]   (20.02.2016 23:41) E-mail
Absolutely amazing!

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266. Graham Lennard [Lunchbox]   (05.02.2016 22:00)
Awesome program, just donated again

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265. Stéphane VERIN [Stef]   (20.01.2016 16:56)
Amazing....Fantastic...cannot stop