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Planet terraforming (editor )
WarstormDate: Friday, 06.07.2012, 21:10 | Message # 1
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From what i see now , you can edit the script of planet , but it's will be cool to have a full ingame script editor , the hability to choose what the atmosphere of the planet (density , color ) ,their orbit in the star system , If there is life or not , the color of the water and other and if there are tidal lock.

It's will help a lot for the people like me who want to create fictional star system
TuskinDate: Friday, 06.07.2012, 22:37 | Message # 2
Space Pilot
Group: Users
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You can edit the orbit (length, distance from the parent body etc.) and atmosphere density.

The rest, you can just hit export script and edit in.

Edited by Tuskin - Friday, 06.07.2012, 22:38
Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Planet terraforming (editor )
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