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Oceanias with less clouds
apenpaapDate: Friday, 20.04.2012, 00:23 | Message # 1
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I think it's a shame Oceanias are always (nearly) completely clouded. I think they would look really nice with only a partial cloud cover, like the Terras have, for example, because right now they're somewhat boring because of them looking almost completely the same as each other. I get that it's probably realistic a planet with so much water would also get a lot of it in its atmosphere, but surely there must be exceptions to that, especially with cold Oceanias. I'm not saying every Oceania should only have partial cloud coverage, but wouldn't it be nice if one out of three or one out of four had more visible seas?

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SpaceEngineerDate: Friday, 20.04.2012, 13:34 | Message # 2
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I've already done this, wait for new version.

Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Oceanias with less clouds
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