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Gameplay suggestion: Orbital mechanics simple improvements.
oscargdevDate: Sunday, 28.06.2015, 12:43 | Message # 1
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Hi everybody,

After playing this game by many hours tinkering with the spacecrafts, I actually think this game have a lot of potential as spacecraft simulator, even for interestelar journeys using the hyperdrive (this could be the way humans flight and arrive to the nearer stars in the future). I even think space combat using this game would be very funny.

First, the spacecraft division is fine:
-Hyperdriveless ships, for orbital and interplanatary trajectories
-Hyperdrive equipped ships (a little more complicated)

I need to practice a lot (A lot) more with the hyperdrive to make any suggestion. In past versions I used to flight interplanatary with it taking advantage of the augmented momentum of the ship, but now the ship's momentum it's not affected.

About orbital and interplanatary trajectories I have some suggestions, but.
The actual ship position buttons are ok to draw correct orbits and trajectories, specially the radial, antiradial, vector down and up which I recently learnt to use.

The speed sync button is also fine. I would improve it making it work with spaceships, synchronizing the both spacecraft's direcction vector.

But there are things missing.

I miss, for example, some kind of warning about when you are reaching the breaking point.

I've thought the easiest way would be markers in the trajectory: the point when you have too much acceleration to stop before arriving the atmosphere, or the point when you have too much acceleration to stop before you start driving off the body.

Also, the ship should calculate the point of the trajectory which is nearer to a selected object, and the time and distance should be displayed in the trajectory marker of that point.

It would be very useful to have some simple trajectory correction systems.

I have made a very simple version of this in Space Engine while approaching Earth along some days, just adjusting the ship's direction to radial and activating the motor at 2%. The ship starts orbiting it's own speed direction correcting it in the process (I think it's an exploit biggrin )

All trajectory correction depends on ship's momentum direction. The UI should help the player to know exactly how the deltaMomentum would affect the trajector.

You have maybe noticed how difficult it is to know where your ship direcction is and correct an orbit at the same time.

The UI could have a window which renders the ship direction, the trajectory and the speed vector, all inside a 3D spherical grid.
In order to know how the trajectory is affected by the deltaMomentum the player must know which point of the grid needs to be pointed to accelerate and change the trajectory in a certain way.

You could lock ship rotation in an axis after using some position button to precisely change the trajectory.

Finally, all this stuff could be programmed to the ship before and then run it, but I think it would be less fun smile

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