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Asteriod model glitch
phijkchuservineDate: Monday, 16.03.2015, 21:31 | Message # 1
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for some reason all the asteriods i run into morph into a sphere with random ring things coming out of them that change as i move around them
DisasterpieceDate: Monday, 16.03.2015, 21:35 | Message # 2
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This sounds like you're using an intel graphics device, you have to use a graphics accelerator for Space Engine to function properly.
Also, for future reference, please do not make a new thread for every issue, use the preexisting troubleshooting thread.

EDIT: Post your se.log with your post as well.

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay and take a minute to read these.

I play teh spase engien

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parameciumkidDate: Tuesday, 17.03.2015, 21:04 | Message # 3
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Change the Planet VS Fetching mode as mentioned in the 0.972 Troubleshooting thread. The asteroids will all be stuck showing up as oblate spheroids (no PotatoRoids), but at least there won't be giant bug cliffs.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 ;P
Forum » SpaceEngine » Troubleshooting and Solutions » Asteriod model glitch
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