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Tidal heating hotfix
TheVino3Date: Friday, 02.01.2015, 09:56 | Message # 1
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Moderators please move this to wherever is most applicable, I am actually not sure where I should put this but here goes.

Space Engineer has acknowledged the bug with tidal heating that causes ridiculous temperatures and luminosities of bodies. Is the plan to release a quick hotfix for this? All I could find was a thread where he said he had fixed it, but how is that fix getting to us?

Cheers, and please move if necessary.
WatsisnameDate: Friday, 02.01.2015, 12:10 | Message # 2
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Probably not as a standalone fix, since there are several remaining issues with the present version with a variety of priorities. SpaceEngineer has said that the next release will primarily be a patch for fixing these, so this will probably be included there.

Forum » SpaceEngine » Troubleshooting and Solutions » Tidal heating hotfix
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