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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
SpaceEngineerDate: Thursday, 16.04.2015, 22:59 | Message # 1
Author of Space Engine
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Russian Federation
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Please post here all of your reports about bugs or crashes in SpaceEngine. Before you post any bugs, please follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure you updated your video card drivers. This may solve 99% of all isues.
  • Read the Fixing common issues section below. It is possible that your problem can be solved there.
  • Read the List of known issues section below and make sure that your bugs are not on in it. You can use your browser's word finder to help search the list.
  • If the bug is not on the list then please post it in this thread. Attach to your message a screenshot (if possible) and a log file (it's called the se.log and is located in the SpaceEngine/system/ directory). Only the log file will help us to understand your problem and find a solution!

    Fixing videocard-specific issues

    If you do not know which videocard do you have, open the system/se.log file in the text editor and read the Vendor information in the beginning:

    [MT] Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Then look for a solution for you:

    Nvidia: Major lag spikes

    Nvidia: Water missing on terras, clouds are below the surface

    ATI/AMD: Crash on approaching to the black hole, neutron star or white dwarf, on using ship's hyperdrive, or when enabling the Oculus Rift mode or the Fish Eye mode

    ATI/AMD: Crash on Startup on Windows 10

    Intel HD: Glitchy landscape and textures on planets

    Intel HD: Red clouds on Earth

    Fixing common issues

    1) Obsolete or incompatible drivers

    2) Weak system

    3) System with hybrid graphics (NVidia/ATI + Intel HD)

    4) Artifacts on procedural planets

    5) Frequent crashing while generating planetary surface

    6) Spaceship disappears when far from a star

    7) Blurry textures on Solar system planets

    8) Problems with very high resolution displays

    9) Problems in Windows 10 + AMD/ATI

    List of known issues

    Green items have been fixed for the next release

    Not real bugs, but effects caused by limitations in the engine:

    Real bugs:
    quarior14Date: Sunday, 23.08.2015, 11:21 | Message # 271
    World Builder
    Group: Users
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    I have a problem I can not explain. Before, the system showed good day and night on the planet but since I added a star (however far (0.576 light years) and is a Wolf-Rayet) in this system, it appears more light is that I put too much of a star?
    PS: This is my famous Sanctsystem system and now has 15 stars in all and it is from Sanctsun it no longer shows the day of the planets.

    This system and the star :

    Edit :
    I removed 4 stars and it works be committed.

    Attachments: 2428426.jpg(40Kb) · 2583554.jpg(135Kb)


    Edited by quarior14 - Monday, 24.08.2015, 10:22
    Atheist101Date: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 02:25 | Message # 272
    Group: Users
    United States
    Messages: 47
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    Not sure if this has been addressed before or if its a bug, but if found a warm oceanic planet with life near a red dwarf. On the back side of the planet, which is land locked, its all land. I thought oceanics were supposed to be all ocean, no water. I know that it being land locked and all would make the back side a lot colder but the water would be constantly churning. I know that water can remain liquid in very cold temps from the movement and possibility of salt. I have pics aslo.

    macefieldtparkerDate: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 13:38 | Message # 273
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 1
    Status: Offline

    When i tried to run SpaceEngine.exe in the system folder, i get this error. (see attachment)

    I have tried re installing it from a different mirror, and i still get the same problem.

    Wondering if there is a fix?

    Also i dont quite understand this error, never seen it before.

    Edit: had a look around in the forum and found the fix!

    Attachments: 5707835.jpg(149Kb)

    Edited by macefieldtparker - Saturday, 29.08.2015, 14:30
    Markush100Date: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 19:19 | Message # 274
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 4
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    Quote spacer ()
    Markush100, press pick a file. than go to SpaceEngine 0.972\system
    the log should be there. for me the name of the log is "se"

    i cannot seem to find a "se" file. maybe because the app never opened? i have never opened Space engine.

    Added (29.08.2015, 19:19)
    OK, nevermind. I just opened the app as administrator and it worked! biggrin im not a caveman lol

    BetaRayDate: Sunday, 30.08.2015, 15:49 | Message # 275
    Group: Newbies
    United Kingdom
    Messages: 4
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    I have a bug with procedural planets (mainly terras) where boxes and lines appear on the surface and the surface can sometimes elevate.

    Attachments: 5983249.log(62Kb)
    ohyeah2389Date: Friday, 11.09.2015, 02:19 | Message # 276
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 1
    Status: Offline

    I can't get Space Engine to start. When loading, it runs out of available vRAM. Now my GTX 650 has 2 gigs of vram, waaay more than the 512 MB recommendation. Am I missing something here?!?! dry

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, to no avail.

    Here's the se.log. It stops when it starts initializing the engine.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Attachments: 5080724.log(28Kb)
    samuelDate: Saturday, 12.09.2015, 14:06 | Message # 277
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 2
    Status: Offline
    SpaceEngine.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.
    [email protected]
    ronnyvaltonenDate: Monday, 14.09.2015, 02:21 | Message # 278
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 3
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    When I click Display the game crashes instantaneously
    JadestarDate: Monday, 14.09.2015, 03:31 | Message # 279
    Group: Users
    United States
    Messages: 70
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    I am really hoping that someone can help me.

    I've been following this thread for months in hopes that a solution would work.

    I posted back on page 4 the following:

    Help needed.....

    The new version is crashing upon launch for me. Meanwhile an installation of runs just fine.

    My video card is an AMD R9 270X.

    My se.log file is attached.

    The solution offered was:

    Quote HarbingerDawn ()
    Quote Jadestar ()
    The new version is crashing upon launch for me.

    Try deleting atioglxx.dll from the system folder.

    I've tried this but still haven't been able to get past the crash at startup. (see screenshot)

    Before deleting atioglxx.dl:

    AFTER deleting atioglxx.dl:

    As you can see, there is no change. sad

    Has anyone else with an ATI card had this problem persist after deleting atioglxx.dll? Did you eventually solve it?

    I have no problems running . but and higher all crash on startup.

    I've done several clean installs of + the patch without any success at all. I really hope I am not going to be stuck with That would be incredibly sad. sad

    I love Space Engine, I've even donated. I don't want to get left behind.

    Please find attached my se.log.

    Attachments: 9039229.log(8Kb)

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    adrig311Date: Tuesday, 15.09.2015, 11:51 | Message # 280
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 4
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    Hi everyone!

    I have discover space engine a few days ago, and I love it. I was playing the version and it worked really smooth on my laptop.

    After the latest update, it have change. My specifications are more than enough to run SE, but it still having a LOT of lag in some situations, even flying trough the stars.

    I have set up the graphic options to somethig lower but still happening... I´m getting very annoyed about this, and guys, I need your help.

    My specs are:

    Windows 7 64 bits

    8 gigs of RAM

    AMD Radeon HD 7730 M (2Gb)

    i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20 GHz

    I did force SE to work with my ATI card instead of the intel integrated card too

    Somebody have an idea of why it´s going laggy.

    (Note: I can play games as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Sniper Elite 3 and other high ending graphics games in High settings...)

    Big thaks in advance!!!
    JackDoleDate: Tuesday, 15.09.2015, 17:53 | Message # 281
    Star Engineer
    Group: Local Moderators
    Messages: 1742
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    Hello Jadestar,

    maybe it will help to update the AMD Graphics Driver.

    Added (15.09.2015, 17:51)
    Hello ronnyvaltonen,

    Do you still have version 0.972? Download the patch for version 0.973.


    Don't forget to look here.

    Edited by JackDole - Tuesday, 15.09.2015, 17:55
    BlackeyeDate: Saturday, 19.09.2015, 14:17 | Message # 282
    Group: Users
    Messages: 49
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    well thats a bug that you can polish and make look good actually
    Attachments: 5586652.jpg(225Kb)
    IDontGetItDate: Saturday, 19.09.2015, 18:54 | Message # 283
    Group: Newbies
    United States
    Messages: 1
    Status: Offline
    Alright. I haven't found a thread solving this.

    I was flying in a starship, and I changed its mode while it was close to a planet, after a long time struggling with starship controls. (I think I had the planet I was orbiting selected.) Space went black except for the HUD and arrows, and the distance between me and the planet I had been orbiting was, at one point, 23,870,602,410.821 Gly. Basically, I teleported outside the Universe. (And there was no Multiverse!)

    I closed and re-opened Space Engine. I was still outside the Universe, but now I was able to teleport to the planet I was orbiting. Suddenly, the center of the Milky Way was MUCH closer than before. I teleported to Earth. The same was true; the center of the Milky Way appeared much closer than before. In addition, I could not see the Sun, the Magellanic Clouds, Andromeda, or Triangulum, and nebulas and clusters were visible that should not have been there. Fixes?
    SpaceBardDate: Friday, 25.09.2015, 19:33 | Message # 284
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 2
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    Hi there. I found a rather odd bug involving Arp 273 (otherwise known in SpaceEngine as UGC 1810) texture.
    While the galaxy itself is fine, there are some red and green artifacts around the galaxy which disappear when closing into them.
    I did not find a similar problem in any other galaxy.

    I've attached two screenshots and the game log.

    Attachments: 2204318.jpg(119Kb) · 8972251.jpg(113Kb) · 1721847.log(47Kb)

    Edited by SpaceBard - Sunday, 27.09.2015, 07:07
    HarbingerDawnDate: Monday, 28.09.2015, 17:10 | Message # 285
    Cosmic Curator
    Group: Administrators
    United States
    Messages: 8717
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    There may be some code in SE that forces clouds on titans to be opaque above a certain pressure. I'll ask SpaceEngineer about it.

    Also, if you're having an issue while using the 0.974 beta, you should report it in that thread, not here.

    All forum users, please read this!
    My SE mods and addons
    Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 3584 MB VRAM
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