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Forum » SpaceEngine » Science and Astronomy Discussions » Young planets around old stars
Young planets around old stars
FaceDeerDate: Thursday, 10.03.2016, 18:48 | Message # 1
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Came across a neat article today: Sharpest View Ever of Dusty Disc Around Aging Star.

As stars age and approach the last phases of their life, they often begin expelling large amounts of material into space around them. It looks like this material can collect into a dusty disk that's very much like the planet-forming disk around young protostars. This could mean that old stars sometimes wind up with brand new planets forming - possibly giving us a crop of young worlds closely orbiting white dwarfs and other old, dead stars.

I have to admit, I bring this up partly because I'd love to see vistas on planets orbiting such stellar remnants more closely than I've been getting from the procedural generator so far. smile We already know about pulsar planets, this new discovery might be part of the explanation for where they come from.
PlutonianEmpireDate: Thursday, 10.03.2016, 22:40 | Message # 2
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Who knows? Perhaps with time, stellar remnant systems can eventually start seeing lifeterras crop up around them before they fade to black? biggrin

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Science and Astronomy Discussions » Young planets around old stars
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