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Is that theoretically possible to discover humanity in RF?
DoctorOfSpaceDate: Wednesday, 14.01.2015, 10:56 | Message # 16
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Quote Tangle10 ()
And maybe it just happens that every alien species uses something better than our communications.

If they are anything like us in terms of technological advancement then they may have moved onto optical communication over radio. We have little hope of detecting their communications unless they are directed towards us. The chances of detecting them decrease drastically if FTL and quantum entanglement communication are possible, at that point we have little to no hope of ever detecting signs of intelligent alien life.

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TheReaperDate: Friday, 16.01.2015, 19:51 | Message # 17
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Ok so it is possible to detect humanity up to well light years away up to earliest radio transmissions from earth. Hitlers speech in berlin olympics was made with very powerfull emitters so at least 60 70 light years imight say.
All these radios and tvs might help with "accidental" discovery, however intended discovery is also possible with SETI or Voyager or Pioneer crafts. That being said, all of our transmissions including seti listening outposts only listen to our frequances, which we name as hydrogen frequancies, you dont know if any other alien civilazation is using gamma rays for listening and transmission not radio waves, in that case they could exist on mars and we wouldnt now about it (excluding all photography and unmanned exploration)
JadestarDate: Saturday, 17.01.2015, 16:47 | Message # 18
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SETI is moving beyond just radio. There are a number of Optical SETI experiments going for instance. There's also an Infrared one which is detailed in this paper:
SpyroDate: Tuesday, 27.01.2015, 16:22 | Message # 19
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But even if there was a close civilization that is almost at our exact period of development, why would they even think about using Radio/Infared/VL/UV/Gamma or anything like that if their planet had no ionosphere to bounce them off? I think the reasoning behind cables if far more logical, and then likely. (Radios were invented by mistake, you know!) So if the cable theory is true, then we will have next to no chance of finding them... until we can scan the atmospheres of transiting planets. Then I see us finding any kind of life within my lifetime!

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WatsisnameDate: Tuesday, 27.01.2015, 22:02 | Message # 20
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Even if radio was invented "by mistake", someone else would have figured it out shortly thereafter anyway. Once you start figuring out the physics of how electromagnetism works, it's pretty obvious that radio waves must exist and how they can be produced or detected.

Why would an alien civilization use EM over cable? Plenty of reasons, chief among them being that you don't need to lay the cable. Cable is useful for direct networking between locations, particularly on a local/regional scale, but I think people forget that much of our communications is still wireless EM in nature, except with satellites acting in place of the ionospheric bounce. Using the ionosphere's properties to communicate with someone over your horizon is also a pretty oldschool method and you only really see it in CB/HAM networks anymore.

This is still not good for the prospects of having these communications be detected from far away, since the transmitted power is dramatically reduced. (Really this is a statement of increasing efficiency.)

If an alien civilization exists near our technological level and is actively trying to communicate (not necessarily with us specifically, but trying to establish communication with ET in general by basically shouting in all directions), then it makes a lot of sense to use the full spectrum and not just radio. There are many parts of the spectrum where signals are simple to produce, travel through the ISM without much degradation, and would not be easily misinterpreted as a natural phenomenon by whoever detects it.

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