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Nebula pack for 0.96
VoekoevakaDate: Friday, 01.02.2013, 23:09 | Message # 16
World Builder
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This model uses only two images, because the Y texture and the Z texture are the same. What kind of error do you have ?

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Crashman1390Date: Sunday, 03.02.2013, 23:57 | Message # 17
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I'm wondering if someone can make a tarantula nebula and a cats eye nebula and NGC 604 perhaps? Thanks.

Sincerely: Crashman1390

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AmericaisBabylonDate: Thursday, 07.03.2013, 22:10 | Message # 18
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for some reason ther is just no nebula. It just doesnt show up. The search takes me to the right spot but there is no nebula I really wanted to check this one out too

Added (07.03.2013, 23:59)
where is says the nebula type it reads ERROR

Added (08.03.2013, 01:10)
I am sorry to have wasted your alls time>> It works fine and thankyou I really like it!! Have you made anymore or worked with this one anymore? My problem was that i didnt delete the cache by the way. I just realized these questions should have been in trouble shooting so forgive me for that as well Thanx love the addons and would love to see more nebulas

Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Nebula pack for 0.96 (MOD - new nebula models)
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