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The Myth of Multiplayer
julio_illyrianDate: Thursday, 23.07.2015, 14:06 | Message # 16
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One thing I wonder ... if spaceengine will have a multiplayer offline (ie as an extension of a multiplayer singleplayer) how will the players with one keyboard to move in space?

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parameciumkidDate: Thursday, 23.07.2015, 23:26 | Message # 17
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Well now that the thread's been necroed, it can't hurt to throw in my responses to the above posts, even if a lot of these people aren't around anymore xD

1. Time to phallic symbol: Probably already done thanks to SHW's editor (curved shield + long truss + two large fuel spheres)

2. I wouldn't worry about people being unable to start a "fresh" install of SE and colonize like there's no tomorrow. Unlike other MMOs, SE at its current scale will have more than enough room for all of us. We could each claim our own galaxy and there'd still be room for everyone on Earth. Thus we're extremely unlikely to encounter anyone we don't want to unless our choice of spawn point is very limited (i.e. you must start at Sol).

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InariusDate: Sunday, 16.08.2015, 22:45 | Message # 18
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I see more space engine as a cooperative multiplayer than something as you see most of the time. The biggest ships/colony, cities will only be sustainable and buildable by several players. Outside of this, there will only be an empty world. If you want to be alone ? Fine, you will be alone. But if you want to make something bigger a real Outpost on a quiet Terra (at first) or a tricky station in and Asteroïd belt, then you will need help. And things like Mother Ships will need a lot of people.
expandoDate: Monday, 17.08.2015, 13:25 | Message # 19
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I know with Orbiter there is a multiplayer addon but it is not used much. With spaceships when you travel to other planets you nearly always use time acceleration to arrive there faster but playing like that would break the multiplayer addon.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » The Myth of Multiplayer (Why do you want multiplayer anyway?)
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