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Is this posible?
sent808Date: Friday, 28.08.2015, 22:40 | Message # 1
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Hi i was wondering if is posible somehow to setup a jorney for one objet from one point to another.

Like for example to (launch) or order a planet (object) to reach a distination with a certain speed. So this planet will reach earth if set so like in 10 years (game time) or X time. So if the game is paused it would not travel.
parameciumkidDate: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 03:57 | Message # 2
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United States
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Not in the current version. You could perhaps write a script that moves the player and stops at various waypoints, but having an object autonomously move itself in any way other than along an orbit is not currently implemented.
It sounds like a very doable feature for future editions, though.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 ;P
Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » Is this posible?
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