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Scale of Planets?
EnkiDate: Saturday, 04.08.2012, 18:12 | Message # 1
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I was is the Gliese 581 system and I decided to see how big Gliese 581 D would be in Gliese 581 G's sky, but it looked the size of Mars even though we were way closer and 581 D is 6x Earth's mass.
Mars is like 1/3 Earth's mas and 78,000,000 km away! And we still see it!
We were 3,500,000 km away from Gliese 581 D, approx. The closest the two come together should've been approx 3,250,000 km.
After 1,300,000 km it turns into an icon.

Is the scale accurate?

Thanks. smile

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apenpaapDate: Saturday, 04.08.2012, 18:21 | Message # 2
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The size of Mars? Are you sure? In my SE Gliese 581 d is almost 4 arcminutes seen from g, about 6 times larger than Mars ever gets in Earth's skies; thrice larger than Venus and Jupiter get at their biggest, even. It would have a disk if you saw it with your own eyes, albeit a tiny one (roughly the same as the Mare Crisium on the Moon seen from Earth), and on my SE it does seem to have one:

Though that's using a realistic FOV of 25 degrees; if you're using the standard 45 degree FOV it would look more star-like, I suppose. But still six times larger than Mars at its best.

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HarbingerDawnDate: Saturday, 04.08.2012, 18:35 | Message # 3
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Quote (Enki)
Is the scale accurate?

Everything in SE is represented at 1:1 scale. If you see it, it's accurate.

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SpaceEngineerDate: Sunday, 05.08.2012, 01:51 | Message # 4
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Red dwarf systems are very compact, you often can see the disks of neighboring planets from the surface. Go to Kepler-11 for example.

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