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Music I've enjoyed while using SpaceEngine
PSG_MudDate: Thursday, 19.04.2012, 00:58 | Message # 1
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Used Space Engine for the first time yesterday. I was exploring for 5 or so hours. Good music really makes it an experience to remember. Music found on youtube. Anyone have music they wish to add?

Proton Kinoun

Edit for broken links.
These are playlists of a similar style that I put together which would take a few days to get through it all.

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GreyRaven75Date: Wednesday, 02.05.2012, 23:35 | Message # 2
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Some music I've been listening to while playing:

Planetary Unfolding (playlist)

Creation du Monde

Countdown to Destiny (Stargate Universe)

Gauntlet (Stargate Universe)

To Heal

And this Jonn Serrie playlist:

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maxDate: Saturday, 26.05.2012, 12:16 | Message # 3
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those are really great music, i am about to check out the list on the second post, i was looking for good music to listen to then i came, across this post, hopefully i will be able to download these music online so that i will make a playlist of my own, when i do come across great music i will surely post it here as well, thanks guys1 this was really of help.
GeoshDate: Monday, 28.05.2012, 15:47 | Message # 4
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I really enjoy SpaceEngine while streaming NirvanaRadio on winamp´s shoutcast.
Is one of the most relaxing experiences I ever had in my life. smile
AmyDate: Monday, 04.06.2012, 16:55 | Message # 5
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Cool - I just put the proton one on while taking a break. Got me thinking/imagining.
SolarisDate: Saturday, 16.06.2012, 23:02 | Message # 6
World Builder
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This is some of the music I enjoy listen while I play at SE :

Pink Floyd :
At Pompei
Atom Heart Mother
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Is There Anybody Out There?

Classical Music :
C. Debussy - Nocturnes ( Sirenes )
Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
j.s bach BWV 639 ( Solaris theme happy )
Gabriel FAURE': Pavane, Op. 50
Mendelssohn Songs Without Words Op.62 no.5
Mussorgsky - The Old Castle - Pictures At An Exhibition
Mozart, Requiem, Lacrymosa
Rachmaninoff Concerto n. 2 (Mov. 1) & 3rd
Gaetano Donizetti , Il Dolce Suono

Philip Glass :
Metamorphosis One
Secret Agent
Bear McCreary - Passacaglia
King Crimson - Moon Child
king crimson starless
vangelis - deliverance
radiohead treefingers
Miles Davis - Shhh-Peaceful
Magma KA III
Avishai Cohen Trio - Remembering
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal - "Chamber Music"

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jetbot33Date: Monday, 02.07.2012, 07:48 | Message # 7
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Traveling through space in the space engine is incredible, but with the appropriate music, your journeys can become even MORE incredible!

As a huge mass effect fan, I feel that the Mass Effect Galaxy Map Song from its OST works perfectly with Space Engine. Exploring planets got 10x more awesome. Link:

What are your guys' thoughts on this song playing in conjunction with Space Engine? Appropriate enough music for this simulator?
HarbingerDawnDate: Monday, 02.07.2012, 08:37 | Message # 8
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Hello jetbot33, and welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to read the forum rules.

I have often listened to Mass Effect music when in SpaceEngine. Uncharted Worlds is certainly a good and obvious choice for this purpose, and I quite enjoy it. I was actually working on an addon with the aim of creating the entire ME universe for SE; currently I have it on hold. I liked listening to that song when working on it smile

Another good one to listen to is Vigil, which is the song from the title menu of ME1. Put that track on in a music player with a 10-second crossfade, and it sounds like you're sitting at the menu while exploring SE. I did that all day one time last week happy

Another catchy song that may not be all that great for SpaceEngine, but is nice to loop nonetheless, is The Illusive Man from the ME2 OST. Great theme for a great character.

Long story short, Uncharted Worlds is definitely an appropriate SE exploration song in my book, and probably any Mass Effect fan would think so too smile

All forum users, please read this!
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TalismanDate: Monday, 02.07.2012, 21:44 | Message # 9
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I find any classical/orchestra pieces excellent while using Space Engine, such as Cello Suite No.1, or anything else from Bach, or other classical pieces. cool

Joey_PenguinDate: Thursday, 05.07.2012, 19:10 | Message # 10
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United States
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Baba Yetu (Civ IV theme)
Can your computer survive the epicness?
Frozen Star


Book of Days
The Celts
Now We Are Free
Just about anything by Enya, actually victory

Careful. The PLATT Collective has spurs.

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Hasforjs97Date: Friday, 06.07.2012, 09:46 | Message # 11
Space Pilot
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Quote (HarbingerDawn)
Another good one to listen to is Vigil

Yes, it's one of the tracks I most listen to when flying around in space engine, because it's quite peaceful just like space. I liked much the ME soundtrack as the game itself

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siriusdDate: Friday, 06.07.2012, 21:25 | Message # 12
Space Tourist
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Here is some music from Knights of the Old Republic I & II, two of my favorite games:

Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
The Sith Lords Theme
Dantooine Outback
Manaan (Ahto City)
The Jedi Academy

And here is some music from the Elder Scrolls series of games:

[Oblivion] Atmosphere 9
[Oblivion] Harvest Dawn
[Oblivion] Auriel's Ascension
[Oblivion] Minstrel's Lament
[Morrowind] Peace at Last
[Morrowind] Love Lost
[Morrowind] Separation
[Daggerfall] Eerie
[Daggerfall] Night
[Daggerfall] Night 2

Here's some music from another great game, Startopia:

Press Any Key
What's in This Room Over Here?
Biodeck Compilation
Engineering Deck Compilation (1/2)
Engineering Deck Compilation (2/2)

From the Sims series:

[The Sims] Building Mode 1
[The Sims] Building Mode 5
[The Sims 3] Constructive Simicism

Hope you guys enjoy this music as much as I do.
psybrainDate: Saturday, 07.07.2012, 09:38 | Message # 13
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Biosphere - Substrata
Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers
sync24 - Comfortable Void
and many more ...
Hasforjs97Date: Thursday, 19.07.2012, 15:45 | Message # 14
Space Pilot
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Quote (siriusd)
From the Sims series:

[The Sims] Building Mode 1

The Sims theme! I didn't remember it. You have brought me lots of memories from when I was a child and played that game in in a windows 98... smile

My desktop:
Pentium G3260 @ 3.30GHz
8.0 GB DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 5570 1GB
n3xtDate: Sunday, 22.07.2012, 13:15 | Message # 15
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Well... I listen to many kinds of music...
Depends on my mood though, however happy music barely makes me happy... mellow

Oh well... Here they go:

Relaxation music- deep space

Deep Space ♫ Peaceful Relaxation Contemplation Meditation by Hubble Telescope

Archangels Meditation Music - Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael Reiki

Stargate Universe Gauntlet Ending Theme (re-recorded)
...with a very beautifully editted Sombrero Galaxy at the beginning

Hammock - We Will Say Goodbye To Everyone

Hammock - Will You Ever Love Yourself?

Ambient Space music Julien H Mulder - Fragments

Sigur Ros - Olsen Olsen - HD
Note: If you don't like Sigur Rós... That's fine by me... Just deal with it lol... taunt

Mogwai - New Paths To Helicon Pt. 1

Mogwai - Thank You Space Expert (High Quality)

Mogwai - Yes I Am A Long Way From Home

Mogwai - Hound Of Winter

Mogwai - Local Authority

Mogwai - Local Authory
HD: Although with a slight increase in smoother drums & bass, it might cause S.E. to go nuts and/or crash...

Mogwai Fear Satan part 1 of 2

Mogwai Fear Satan part 2 of 2

Note: Fear Satan is really an alternative song... Anyway whole of Mogwai is alternative... Hope you like it anyway. biggrin
I usually cover this song on my guitar with simple but awesome effects...

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)

Note: (The Black Keys) Oh yeah! Graaab dat geeetarrr and let the blues rockin' roll ya! Whoohooo! yahoo yu newrus

Planets, Stars, Nebulae, Galaxies - Universe Size Comparison 2009 [HD]

Dark Ambient Space Music: Through The Ergosphere: Film Composer Simon Wilkinson

Comparison Of The Entire Universe (Updated 2011) Moons, Planets, Stars, Nebulas, Galaxies, Clusters

Trentemøller - Take me into your skin [HQ]

Voyage through space and galaxies (Trentemøller - Take me into your skin)
...with extended length and amazing pictures smile2

Phonique - Vincent Price (Original Mix)

E.S. Posthumus - Nara

The Last Days - The Time Will Never Come Back

The Passion Of The Christ Soundtrack - 13 It Is Done

Epic Music Mix 12 - One Hour Special

Note: (Epic Music Mix 12) You will obviously see a wide variety of other epic music soundtracks at the right side.
Perhaps a little too much to really choose but aye, that's up to you biggrin

The Lord of the Rings - Complete Symphony

Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell

Note: (Lux Aeterna) If you want you can make 2 pages of this amazing but yet tragic song and simply pause the first one at 0:30 seconds and the second one at 0:00 seconds and then play both (or nearly, a.s.a.p. though xD) at the same time.
Credits for this go to some recent comment.

The Fountain Soundtrack - 07 First Snow

Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Winter)

etc... etc... biggrin

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