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The Mistaken Planet
Buster89Date: Monday, 23.07.2012, 18:05 | Message # 1
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Please take a moment of your time to read the story behind this picture and you will understand it more.

About 3 years ago My colony ship had made a journey to a planet we had thought to had been in inhabitable conditions. As we left behind Earth, the planet that we completely ruined with our ignorance and stupidity i thought to myself "i hope this planet is what we think it is" I had no indication though that the planet that we were going to wasn't very warm and comforting as i thought. i was locked away in my stasis tube where i would not wake up for another 300 years and the ship was controlled by a super intelligent computer that would do all the navigating. We finally arrived at the planet in the year 2456 i was let out of stasis tube i was very excited to see this new planet. but what i saw made my heart sink, i barren wasteland with not that much water on its surface, the water was mostly poisons and natural gases it was to hot for human life etc. everything went wrong everyone in the ship that had been waiting 300 years for this were panicking in anger and fear. we had no idea what to do, we are screwed. it is now 3 years later and we are stuck on the ship we are running out of supplies and time. what do we do? we are gazillions of miles away from Earth and nobody is picking up on Earth through the signals we don't even know if Earth exists or if humans still live on the planet. we did find a message on one of the signal computers that read "To the people on Colony 567 you are now on your own The Earth will be hit soon by a large object close to the size of our moon. we wish you the best of luck on your journey. Mission control out." as i looked out a window into the shuttle carrier zone i saw a glimpse of the planet yet again and nearly cried.

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Persia-GangstaDate: Friday, 03.08.2012, 22:00 | Message # 2
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the Story sounds like L5 (Series) tongue

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VoekoevakaDate: Friday, 03.08.2012, 22:14 | Message # 3
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Buster89, you should write science-fiction stories...
I think it is a bad idea to go through space without any idea of where you go.
And it is a worse thing to destroy our own planet.

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DisasterpieceDate: Sunday, 11.11.2012, 06:32 | Message # 4
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This is sad. The people on the ship will never see Earth again and won't carry on humanity. I'm actually holding back tears right now. This might even happen in the future.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » The Mistaken Planet (A Space Story)
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