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Recently I was working on implementing support of joysticks and gamepads, and now it may be considered as 'ready'. This is my test configuration (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, 3D Connection SpaceNavigator, and XBox360 controller):

Now SE supports up to 16 controllers simultaneously. You can assign each axis and button for any action in SE (axes can be assigned to 'analog' actions like rotation or aileraons control, buttons - for any, including 'analog' ones). This is the screenshots of new controls menu. In the first tab, 'Common controls', almost nothing changed, except that 3 new columns was added for binding the joysticks buttons (yes, you may bind any button for any action):
Views: 6280 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 23.05.2014 | Comments (5)

Now (almost) all 3D modes are ready! Here are some screenshots:
Views: 5109 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 11.04.2014 | Comments (3)

Added the ability to change units in the player menu:
Views: 2723 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 06.04.2014 | Comments (0)

Made separate rendering of the GUI and the frame for Oculus Rift (so HDR, FXAA and so did not affect the GUI). But because the GUI texture resolution is bigger than its image on the final frame, there is undersampling of texture obtained, resulting in fine details flickering. Look at the lines of GUI window frame:
Views: 2464 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 04.04.2014 | Comments (2)

Fixed FXAA atialiasing. The mistake was applying it after adding a bloom effect (light halo around bright objects). This was effectively disabling antialiasing on bright areas of the image. See the screenshots:
Views: 2823 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 26.03.2014 | Comments (0)

I purchased a 3D TV and now working on various steroscopic modes. First are for passive (polarization) displays, verical and horizontal anamorphic stereopairs. You must switch you TV in 3D mode to be able to see this images:

BTW, this first image shows a problem with mouse and selection pointer. They both must be placed in 3D space, on the depth equal to depth of selected object. Otherwise you cannot point your cursor on a star or distant planet.

I also add an option to interlace the image by the engine itself (no need to switch TV in 3D mode). But it is useless on my TV because in 2D mode it have a "sharpness" option that mixes signal from neighbouring rows and columns. This option cannot be switched off, and it completely broken stereo effect (broken separation of left and right channels, so each eye can see double image). I hope that 3D monitors (not TVs) have no problems with this.
Views: 2595 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 10.03.2014 | Comments (1)

Made offset frustums. Now eye convergence and sense of scale is perfect. GUI is more or less usable with simple scaling, although some GUI windows did not fit in the field of view and must be scrolled.
Views: 1796 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 07.02.2014 | Comments (0)

This is a sort of fractal, generated directly in the rendering stage. Star corona is rendered as three orthogonal planes, passed through the center of a star, as in previous version. But now it used procedural noise in the rendering shader to texture the planes, instead of blended corona images like in previous version. Old method for coronas is still available through the scripts.
Views: 2453 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 01.02.2014 | Comments (3)

Started working on Oculus Rift support. Simple stereoscopic render, without distortion shader, but looks great:

Engine renders two separate frames very well, with no optimizations FPS drop is 15-20%. A lot of work required on GUI - all dialogs must be changed to fit small Rift resolution. Maybe simply scaled down? Test will show.
Views: 1458 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 13.01.2014 | Comments (0)

New landform - something looks like rivers. I call them pseudo rivers. Of course this is not real rivers, ie they not flow from highland to the sea, they have no inflows, etc. River nets sometimes look strange - like blood vessels, and even can make circular bayous. To have 3D water, their surface must be on a sea level, so they really look good only near shores. So I simply limit their generation on highland. However they sometimes create nice looking valleys in mountain rages.
Views: 3541 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Date: 22.12.2013 | Comments (1)

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